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The use of ESB malt and a generous dose of Caramel malt give this ale a toasted caramel character up front, and finishes with a nice hops balance.

ABV: 6%  

IBUs: 31  

SRM: 13.6  

Malts: ESB, Caramel 60, Munich, Wheat

Hops: Magnum, Cascade


A very approachable and well-balanced beer with a rich nutty flavor and a smooth malty finish.

ABV: 6%  

IBUs: 20  

SRM: 17.3  

Malts: 2-Row, Caramel 40, Chocolate, Munich  

Hops: Cascade, Willamette


Don't be afraid of the dark. A smooth porter with a hint of mocha.

ABV: 6%

IBUs: 26

SRM: 31.6  

Malts: 2-Row, Caramel 60, Chocolate, Black

Hops: Glacier, Willamette


An easy-drinking light summer beer.

ABV: 5.5%

IBUs: 22

Malts: 2-Row, Munich

Hops: Willamette


Great hop aroma with a balanced bittering and clean finish

ABV: 6.8%

IBUs: 64

Malts: 2-Row, Crystal 40, Munich, Wheat

Hops: Falconers Flight

Cascadian Rye

A Cascadian Dark Ale with a good dose of Rye malt that gives it a spicy note.

ABV: 7.7%

IBUs: 80

Malts: 2-Row, Midnight Wheat, Black

Hops: Chinook, Cascade, Willamette



German Style Wheat Beer.  Subtle aroma of clove and banana with a slight citrus finish.  

ABV: 5.5%

IBUs: 12

Malts: 2-Row, Wheat

Hops: Hallertauer

From This Point on of Our Beer list all these beers are considered "Seasonal" Meaning they only come on tap at certain times of the year and may not be seen until Next Year at approximately the same time. Be Sure to Check with the brewery or Our Facebook Page to see which of these beers is currently on Tap.

Pale Ale

Crisp Clean Malt plus good dose of spicy hops that hit the tongue and fade with no linger like its close brother the IPA


Double IPA

An extension of our flagship Overlander IPA on steroids! High hop aromatics of lemon and citrus come through strongly from the Falconers Flight 7Cs that we use. Along with an extra 100 pounds of grain make this a BIG beer at 9% abv 

Chinook IPA

A single hop recipe is a great way to showcase how universal the Chinook hop is.  All its character shines through in each sip.  Locally grown so it brings the season right to the glass! 

Imperial Red

This is one of our biggest beers with more ingredients added then most of our beers which makes its flavor very complex.  Clean Malt beginning with hint of floral hops all through and a very sweet finish. It's finish is so sweet that most don't realize that it is a 9% abv beer.  


  Soft rich creamy beer that has a forward vanilla nose from the fresh vanilla beans added, a cookie like nuttiness from the oatmeal and a smokey sweet vanilla finish from being aging on bourbon soaked and medium charred oak chips. 


This is our attempt at making a TRUE Oktoberfest Lager beer.  Has light caramel malt body with just a hint of hops.  Easy fall drinking.


Our Americanized version of Oktoberfest beer.  American 2 row barley instead of Pilsner malt and US Hops along with Ale fermentation gives this beer a clean malty flavor with a smooth hint of bitterness.

Honey Wheat

This beer style is unique to the Northwest. it doesn't have any of the exotic Germany yeast flavors like a traditional Hefeweizen because of the use of our American House ale yeast.  Instead it tastes super clean and crisp, soft fruitiness without any clove and/or banana flavors. 

Honey Basil

Our Spring/Early summer seasonal.  Very Light but very aromatic Basil flavor that makes for a refreshing session beer.  


Rosemary Orange Saison

Starts nice light herbal nose then hits the tongue as a Crisp beer with a citrus body. The rosemary is very light takes 3 or 4 sips before starts to register on the pallet. Finishing with a light Belgium. 

Maple Cream Ale

We are really excited to work with a Organic Maple Tree farm from Vermont called Moose Mountain. They were able to ship us 100% natural dark maple syrup in time for Thanksgiving so we could make our Maple Cream ale a sweet dessert beer in time for the holidays.  It has a crisp corn flavor beginning and sweet molasses like finish. For some it is much to sweet so we suggest mixing it with either our IPA to create this really great bitter sweet beer or our porter to create a little coffee sweetner!

English Bitter

We brewed up a special batch of English Bitter to go along side of our most recent batch of ESB.  Stop by to compare England's levels of bitterness compared to America's Pale ale and IPA. Mild malt flavor with a almost fruitiness. Low in alcohol and mild in bitterness despite is name.


British Blonde

This was just an experiment to expand our British beer selection during the Month of January. It is our normal blonde recipe except we added English ale yeast instead of our normal American yeast. The notable difference is in the nose it has a honey note to it now. Also new is a higher abv 5.9


This beer is a great example of great things come when you wait. Total brew, ferment, and lager time on this beer is 9 weeks! Its much more potent then your normal bock at 9% abv and has three times as much flavor! Malty, rich bread flavor that seems almost as if drinking your dinner!  ONLY available once the weather gets cold!

Imperial Stout

In the heart of the Northwest winter everyone needs a little warm up!  Like most of our Imperial beers this can also be labeled as a "sneaky" high octane beer 8.75% abv but drinks as smooth as our brown.  Nose of a smokey mountain fire, chocolate/cocoa body that finishes as bitter as a dark chocolate bar would. 

Chocolate Stout

A beer we designed to give to your sweetheart on the big V day.  This beer has real cocoa nibs in it that bring it both its dark sweetness and roasted bitterness. Creamy mouth feel makes it to easy to drink!  

We may even fill the randle with some mint to add an extra level to this beer?

Cole Street Anniversary Ale

Celebrating our 2nd year of operation we have designed a very unique beer that will have everyone wanting more! Supply will be VERY limited. We tap the first keg Friday Feb 19th. On Sat 20th we will have festivities all day long with food, music, and plenty of beer!

Summer Shandy

This is a brewery only beer that we serve in the heat of the summer to quench any thirst just like a glass of lemonade.  Come visit us from June through August to give it a try! 

7 Sessions C's

During lawn mower season everyone would prefer a lighter beer but NOT light in flavor. We add 7 different hops to this beer all starting with the letter C= Chinook, Cascade, Citra, Centennial, Columbus, Cluster, and Cashmere. Which as you can imagine livin up the senses!

Belgian Dubbel

Cocoa aroma with a clean crisp body this beer drinks really easy for an 8% finishes with a fruity ester from the Belgian yeast.

Roggen Bier

A German Wheat Rye beer. This beer comes off sweet and similar to a brown with a really good head. The flavors are chocolate and cocoa most of the way through. Very easy drinking.

Tall Cedar Irish Red

We enjoying hosting home brew competitions Quarterly. This beer was an entry from one of our staff members just in time for St Patrick's Day. A Hardy Red that has an even Balance between Sweet and Bitter. Thank You so Much for your contributions Jennifer and Travis Gahan we look forward to when you have a brewery as well!

Hops in the Dark

Another winner from our Quarterly Home Brew competition! This Great Full bodied DOUBLE IPA recipe comes from one of Cole Street Brewery's Club Members Alan Hutteball. Al designed this to be a darker but average level of IPA. However using a Partial Mash recipe on our equipment turns an average alcohol level to a much higher one! This is still a great beer that we would be happy to brew AT least once a year!!

Left Over IPA

There comes a time at every company to take stock/inventory of what you have purchased but not completely used........ Lucky for us it makes for an incredible IPA that may NEVER be repeated.... We also receive allot of samples of brand new unknown hops - this year we just added to this IPA next year we may do a "Sample IPA" as well! Extremely Rare and Seasonal beer that once its gone ITS GONE!!

Wee Heavy

English Style beer that has strong Estery and Malty character. Also carries a fairly hefty punch at 8.4% We make this beer in conjunction with the Highland Games that Visit Enumclaw Every Year. 

Spring Braggot

This is a Antique beer Recipe in which we make both a Mead (honey wine) and a Honey Wheat Beer after starting fermentation separately we then blend the two together creating a sweet frothy delight!!    



We brew and lager this beer from late winter to release in early spring. While it has a standout nose it drinks really light so great beer for the novice craft beer drinker making a transition!

Hazy IPA

The east coast has started this trend of IPA so naturally we had to make and attempt at it. It was very very difficult to NOT clear this beer! But we managed and the result was exceptional this IPA is a stand alone from any of the other IPA's that we make. It is musky but up lifting too.

Coffee Stout

Everyone in the late winter needs just a slight boost! We took an awesome cold brew from a local roaster and added beer depth to it! Both Coffee and Beer aficionado's praise this beer!